Nancy Pole | About me         

In over 20 years working in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, including 8 years at Centraide (United Way) of Greater Montreal, I have:

  • developed and led multi-sector networks, coalitions and partnerships, 
  •  convened innovative place-based funder collaborations. 
  •  led strategic analysis and planning processes for organizations and communities;
  • designed and managed a collective impact granting stream as well as program and initiative evaluations, 
  • helped to build evaluation capacity; and
  • developed and disseminated knowledge translation content within my field.

In recent years I have also sought out research and practice opportunities to help grantmaking organizations to build up their own strategic learning “muscle”.

I do some of my research and evaluation work for and focused on the philanthropic sector through PhiLab, the Montreal Research Laboratory on Canadian Grantmaking Philanthropy. You can check out my research profile here and my published working papers here and here.

Formal education

My formal education is only part of my lifelong learning journey, but it’s worth mentioning here: 

I split my time between my home base near North Bay, Ontario and Montreal, Québec. I am often on the road, though, working with clients in other locations in Ontario and Québec.

I aim to be a reflective practitioner in all that I do.  This means that I am constantly seeking to develop, deepen and enrich my own practice – learning from what’s being done in the field, and learning from my own experience as well.  I will occasionally blog or link to content that I like  - join in conversation with me on Twitter!