About Co.spire Consulting

Adaptive strategies for complex challenges

I bring 20 years of experience as a network leader, community development practitioner and place-based grantmaker to my work. 

I am passionate about helping philanthropic foundations and nonprofits to affect change on a greater scale – to become systems changemakers.

For changemakers, this involves: 

  • Thinking in systems to better understand the change that they want to make;
  • Leveraging the power of cross-sector partnerships;
  • Joining with others to form networks and to align their efforts;
  • Developing the capacity to learn and to adapt in real time, and integrating evaluative thinking throughout the planning and action cycle.

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My approach

Collaborative and cross-sector approaches to changemaking are part of my DNA, and I believe that most social sector organizations can only achieve their ends if they tap into the power and the knowledge of the many. 

I bring this ethic into my evaluation work as well.  As I see it, evaluation needs to be relevant and useful, serving client organizations’ real-time learning and decision-making needs.  In order for this to happen, evaluation needs to be owned by its end users all the way through the process. 

I work with clients to:

  • design evaluations that meet their real-time learning and decision-making needs;
  • bring clients and stakeholders on board to capture and make sense of relevant information;
  • facilitate sensemaking and decision-making, ensuring input from all relevant voices.